About Us

EcoSurf is a team made of 10 people, focused on reducing the web carbon footprint.

We are: Laura Hörger, Jonathan Fritz, Liga Veits, Angel Morcillo Leganes, Lars Pfleider, Alf Langhans, Arno Fey, Jonas Messingschlager, Dominikas Tamulis and Maria Mirza.

We created a browser extension to increase awareness about the users carbon footprint and help individuals change their web behavior.

You can download the approved Add-on for your Firefox browser here.

Soon you will be able to also download our extension in your Chrome browser store. Stay tuned!

This project was developed as part of the www.collabothon.eu hackathon and with the support of www.42heilbronn.de

Contact us:

We are happy to hear your feedback at ecosurf@nosc.io

EcoSurf Team